The Bathhouse EP

by J-Kraken

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"Senri No Michi Mo Ippo Kara"

The tail end of 2014 marked a rough patch in my life. During this period, I was dealing with heartbreak and familial issues, while simultaneously juggling a new job and trying to churn out new music as quickly as possible (in order to keep up with the rapid pace music was hitting the internet). I was emotionally drained and before the year had ended, I decided to take a step back from things in order to focus on myself. It was during this time, that the idea and concepts behind "The Bathhouse" began to form.

"The Bathhouse" was chosen as the title for the EP, inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's "Spirited Away," and also the idea that water, in archetypal literature, can symbolize spiritual healing and rejuvenation. The experiences I went through in 2014 had a huge influence on the EP, and as a result "The Bathhouse" revolves around the idea of loss and the journey for spiritual healing that follows. The four tracks together, illustrate the ascent from the depths of losing someone to moving forward and greeting the future with a sense of optimism.

From February to September of this year (2015) I pretty much became a hermit and worked on the tracks in my home studio. Musically speaking, these tracks are the most eclectic I have produced and reflect the different musical styles I was listening to during the production of this EP. In addition, I was also fortunate to collaborate with two incredible artists in, Nina Sung (who lent her incredible voice on Boracay) and my friend Aaron "Beerfest" Cox (who illustrated up the awesome ghostly figure for the EP artwork).

Overall, “The Bathhouse” is a personal record to me and I'm stoked to be able to share it with you. Whether you're going through a rough patch in your own life, or the world is your oyster, I sincerely hope you find something on this EP that you resonate with.


released September 15, 2015

Written and produced by J-Kraken
Vocals and lyrics on "Boracay" by Nina Sung
Album Artwork by Aaron Cox



all rights reserved


J-Kraken Sacramento, California

Creative guy based in Sacramento, CA.

I make music, mess around with cameras, and drink tea.

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Track Name: Eleven Fifteen
I believe, you and i didn't have wrong moments
just destiny, and all those different things we wanted

playing all that Ocean, Thinkin Bout You
gave you all of my devotion, all of my love too
showed you things they never showed in catholic school
up a quarter past 11, all those things we'd do

I still remember baby, you know those better times?
i've been thinking lately, the kinda shit that keep me up at night
do you still think of me baby? cus girl you cross my mind
I'll see you again baby, maybe somewhere down the line
Track Name: Chrysanthemum
it's been a little rough but i'm slowly getting better
this springtime of youth got my hands clapped in prayer
take it one step at a time to bring that goal a little closer
move along, move along
Track Name: Boracay (feat. Nina Sung)
I love it when you give me that look
you got me good, i swear I’m hooked
the time is here now
tell me what are you waiting for?

you, you take me to a place
where no one can have me
you, you take me there
away to a world they’ll never reach

you know we’ve got it good
and it’s only getting better
you know, we’ve got it good
and it will only keep getting better

do you remember a time when
we lived for a feeling ?
you and i had nothing but
the dreams we believed in

take a look around you
you’re right where you’re supposed to
they would all call us crazy
but nothing would ever phase me